Little Sallie Walker wants to build partnerships with individuals and non-profit organizations whose goals and objectives connect with the themes and topics in the documentary.  As part of our community engagement efforts, we are organizing the Little Sallie Walker ‘Playdate Experience’ with communities around the US. Partnerships with the Little Sallie Walker team might include showing an updated teaser or the entire film once it is finished along with a panel and ‘Playdate Experience’ in your community. The 'Playdate Experience' might involve playing hand games, bat-and-ball, hula hoop, cup-and-saucer as you color and fellowship with others. In conjunction with the documentary, we believe this experience should highlight the importance of creativity, joy, self-expression, fun, empowerment, and healing.   If you or your organization want to become apartner, please contact us.

See photos from our work-in-progress screening and ‘Playdate Experience’ at Reel Sisters 20th Anniversary Pre-Festival at Kumble Theater in Brooklyn, NY on Wednesday, September 27th. This intergenerational evening was filled with fun, storytelling, and fellowship! Let your network and community be next!

Other Past Events: 

Friday, July 21st at 6pm

Meet and Greet at Organpi Farms Farmhouse at 1010 Water Avenue in Historic Downtown Selma. Showing an updated teaser. This event is open to the community.


June 14th

New York Women's Foundation (NYWF): "Neighborhood Gathering in the Bronx: Art, Gender, and Social Justice at the Bronx Museum of the Arts"

(NYWF is celebrating its 30th Anniversary)


April 26th

YWCA of New York: "The Social Responsibility of Today's Black Filmmakers" at the YWCA's Resource Center


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